East Kilbride Model Boat Club
45 years of Model Ship Construction
Boats on Strathaven Boating Pond

Club Rules - 2007

Appendix A
Appendix B



The club will be known as the East Kilbride Model Boat Club and hereafter will be referred to as the Club.

Object of the Club

The object of the club shall be to encourage and promote all forms of Ship Modelling.


Consistent with the running of the club the following appointments will be made:-

President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Committee Members elected from the membership, who will all serve for a minimum of one year.


The president shall preside as chairman at all club meetings.


The Secretary shall convene and attend all meetings, record minutes of the proceedings, shall be custodian of the books and documents, except those connected with the office of Treasurer, and shall exhibit these to the committee at all reasonable times.


The Treasurer shall collect all contributions to the club, give proper receipts and make all the other dispersements authorised by the Committee and shall furnish annually to them details of all accounts.

Club Funds

A Deposit account shall be opened with an approved bank and the signatures of the President, Secretary and Treasurer will be authority for that bank, for the payment of monies and for the acting or any instructions in connection with the transaction of the club with the said Bank.


The particulars of all applications for membership will be placed before the committee for approval.

The membership will consist of Ordinary members, Junior members, Honorary members and Temporary members.

The term Ordinary Member shall be confined to persons who are fully paid up members of the Club.

The term Junior Member shall be confined to persons who have not attained the age of 17 years. Junior Members attending the club should be accompanied by an adult member who shall responsible for him (ideally a parent).

The term Honorary Member shall be confined to persons who have rendered a great service to the Club or its objectives. They shall not be liable to any subscription.

The term Temporary Member shall be a confined to the officials and members of visiting clubs on the occasion of a display or competition. The Membership shall be confined to the day of the event.

Membership Fee

The membership Fee will be set at the Annual General Meeting and will be reviewed each year.

Membership Card

A membership card will be issued to each member and will be renewed as required. The card will bear a membership number which will be used in relation to that member in all matters relating to the club.

Conduct of Members

The administrators shall have the power to withdraw for any period they think fit, the membership of any person whose conduct shall be found to be discreditable or improper.


The Club Machinery shall only be used as described in Document No EKMBC002 in Appendix B


Control of Cars at Pond Side - The council has kindly allowed us to park our cars at the pond-side to unload heavy boats. The times at which we are allowed to do so and conditions attached to it are contained in Document No EKMBC002 in appendix A.

No cars are allowed into the pond during Regatta Events

Members sailing boats in the pond, shall ensure their transmitter crystal frequency is not the same as the crystal frequency of members already sailing. Before operating their radio gear or boat they shall check the Peg Board to see which frequencies are indicated as being in use.

See the site below for a list of crystals available to model boating. http://www.ukrcc.org/

Regattas -

Display Marshall A display marshal will be elected prior to each display. The display Marshal will be responsible for the organisation of the vent. He will direct and control all events and be responsible for positioning of models and other items in and around the pond.

Control of Participants Any person acting independently or failing to comply with the directions given by the Display Marshal will be disqualified from the event.

Control of Radios During the events, radio transmitters not in use will be impounded and where possible a coloured flag or disk indicating the colour in use at any given time will be displayed at the control point.

A McCaskill,

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Appendix A - DOCUMENT No EKMBC001



This is a concession is given to us by the SLC Parks department at Strathaven and if abused could result in the club being refused entry to the park by car.

1. On entering the park your speed should be reduced to less than 5mph and your flashers hazard lights be switched on. You should give way to pedestrians at all times.

2. Should there already be six cars in the park unpack your boat etc and immediately remove your car to the car park.

3. If your boat is 600mm long or less must park in the car park.

4. Members with no boat should automatically park in the car park.

5. Cars parked beside the pond will display a parking permit on their dashboard; (saying you have forgot it will not be acceptable and you therefore must remove your car to the car park).

6. Disability stickers are not acceptable as an alternative as disabled parking is provided it the car park (This is the parks dept rule).

7. Times when we are allowed to bring our cars into the park are as follows:-

Sundays 9-00am till 10-45am
Tuesday 9-00am till 11-00am
Wednesday 7-00pm till 9-00pm

8 The parking permit remains the property of the club at all times and you must return it to the committee when asked to do so or when you leave the club.

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Appendix B - DOCUMENT No EKMBC002



At the request of club members over the years the club has purchase several pieces of machinery e.g. Lathe, Bandsaw, wood planing machines etc.

The club has no third party insurance to cover against any member of the club having an accident while using this machinery. To date we have been unable to identify any insurance company which is willing to take it on. Therefore it is necessary for the club to inform members that they use the machinery at their own risk and that they sign the attached form below accepting the above conditions.

It is also incumbent on members to seek instruction on how to use the machinery properly and to wear safety equipment e.g. Safety goggles, push sticks, and ensure that the air extraction equipment is connected prior to use.

It is also advisable that they should wear a dust mask when cutting wood. On no account should MDF be cut in the room due to its high toxicity.

Should a fault develop while a machine is being used it should be switched off immediately and the committee notified. A sign should be attached to the machine reading OUT OF ORDER and the machine should not be used again until it has been serviced by the appointed mechanic.

The club in the past has provided safety glasses etc for use by members but these have been damaged or abused and in some instances lost therefore it is felt that those wishing to use the machinery should supply their own.

Douglas McGhee, who is an ex-technical teacher, has kindly offered to demonstrate how to use the machinery safely to club members when requested to by members. This in no way removes the responsibility from the members stated in paragraph three above.

Please sign below to signify that you have read this document it will also allow you to then use the machinery.

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